Research prototyping

Research prototyping

Existing SoS examples are not clearly explaining the similarities and differences among SoS types.

As a preliminary study, we iteratively do the following tasks.



Example Scenario: SoS for Mass Casaulty Incident (MCI)

MCI is an incident in which medical service resources are overwhelmed by lots of casualties (e.g.: Tianjin explosions, SARS, Daegu subway fire, etc.)

Key entities are,

  • Goal of SoS: save patients as many as possible
  • Constituent system (CS): PTS (Patients Transferring System), hospital, etc.


So, our simplified MCI scenario is like this.

  • Goal of CS: PTS is to save more patients in the non-MCI area.
  • Goal of SoS: SoS is to save more patients in the whole area.
  • Suddenly, 200 patients are randomly occurred in the MCI area, and 50 patients are randomly occurred in the non-MCI area.
  • Each patient will be either cared by the PTS or dead with a certain probability.

Our modeling subjects are divided into MCI and non-MCI, single CS (PTS) and each patient.

Patents have three states, occurred, cared, or dead.



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